Cuellar Salas and Cuellar Steffan, S.C., is the Law Firm in Mexico than supported by the experience and history of each of its members, is identified as a firm specializing in the Procedural Constitutional Law, Constitutional Amparo, Administrative Proceedings, Corporate, Civil and Commercial litigation and Injuction, recognized for its excellence and high performance.

Practice areas

Experience, safety, discretion and trust.


Experts to analyze and apply the fundamental laws that govern the State. We apply the form of Government and regulation of the public authorities, both in its relationship with citizens and between its various bodies.

Constitutional Amparo

Experts in trial of constitutional amparo as a means of defence which aims to protect human rights or fundamental rights established in the Constitution, as well as in the treated international.


Experts in the regulation of the public administration for their legal systems regarding their organisation, services and relations with the citizens.

Civil and Commercial

Experts in private legal relations that represent the formalisation and term of trade agreements by applying the current circumstances in economy and relations between companies and individuals.


Experts in the exploitation and use of the legal instruments that have an impact on the formation, organization, operation and control of companies.


Intervening with excellence in each parcel and fulfill our duty of fraud, based on experience and personal patronage system of the members, the office, we establish long-term relationships that promote trust and confidence of our customers.


law firm

We are the law firm that stands to respect its principles since its founding in 1975 , allowing it to maintain a growth pattern.

  • The value of justice as supreme law.
  • Knowledge of legal science through study, practice and academic work.
  • Repudiation of corruption as a means for resolution of conflict.
  • Respect for the institutions and instruments of justice.
  • Equality in terms of commitment and professionalism, regardless of the value or significance of the matter entrusted.
  • Overall discretion and reservation as to the issues and identity of their costumers.


We have strategic alliances between national and international association. 
Member of the Chamber of Commerce United States and the Mexican Bar Association.